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Men’s and Women’s Transformation Division

Non Sanctioned Division

The Transformation Division will showcase athletes who have made a physical transformation resulting in fat loss and/or muscle gain. It will be comprised of two parts:

  • Before/After Photos

  • Stage Comparisons

You will take your “Before” photos at the start of your program and submit them during the registration window, per the show’s deadline. Your “After” Photos will be taken AT CHECK IN the day prior to the show. On “Before” photos, you must include a newspaper with a readable headline and date to authenticate the date of the photo. The Date on that photo must be within 7 days of the day you register for the division within the registration window. Front and Back relaxed poses are REQUIRED for the “before” photos submission at the time of registration. Judging will be based on the most dramatic change. Gym shorts/trunks for men, and sports bra/gym shorts for women. The “Before” photos must include your thighs at minimum, but insure that we can see your whole body clearly. Minimal distractions in the back drop and plenty of lighting. Photo will be a digital submission, so Polaroids or photo negatives will not be accepted.


You will be asked to submit your starting weight, but please note this will only partially be used in judging. It’s recommended to keep track of your measurements, (abdomen circumference, BF, etc), but they will not be part of the judging criteria. You will be able to include the measurements in your end Bio. Your weight will be checked at check-ins the day prior to the show.


  • Before and After Photos

  • Stage Comparisons and Stage Presence We will be judging based on how dramatic the transformation was, the symmetry of your physique, and the change in your muscularity.


How much visible weight loss/muscle gain was achieved compared to YOUR starting point (Before Pictures). We’re looking for dramatic transformations during the Transformation Period.


How balanced was your transformation from Upper Body/Lower Body, your Front Side from your Back Side, and from your Right Side to your Left.


We are looking for muscular development and not just weight loss. During the Transformation Period, we are looking at the development of your muscle bellies.

Competition Attire:
Men: Gym Shorts/Trunks that sit mid-thigh to just above the knee, no shorter than mid-thigh high. *Bodybuilding trunks, Classic Bodybuilding trunks, nor board shorts are not acceptable. Solid color only, preferably black or blue. Athletic shoes are to be worn.

Competition Attire:
Women: Sports Bra and Gym shorts. Shorts are to conform around your thighs. Abdomen must be exposed. *High-waisted shorts or bikinis/bikini tops are not acceptable. Solid colors only, but can mix and match. Athletic shoes are to be worn, no HEELS are acceptable. Athletic Wedges are permissible. (If in need of a reference, please contact promoter.)

Individual Presentation:
Each Competitor will execute the Box Walk. The competitor will be judged on Presentation and Poise. You will enter the stage from the right side and hit the first box closest to you and hit 2-3 poses, move to the center stage, hit 2-3 poses, and then move to the left side of the stage and hit 2-3 poses before being directed to your placement per the Stage Expediter's instructions. The poses are as follows:

  • Front Pose: Body is standing tall, legs shoulder width apart or wider, head is held high, arms are either hanging by your side, one hand on hip, or both hands on hips, and smiling.

  • Back Pose: Body is standing tall, legs shoulder width apart or wider, head is held high, arms are hanging by your side or at your side, your back is relaxed but firm.

  • Left/Ride Side Pose: Body is standing tall, the leg facing away from the judges is kicked back while the leg closest to the judges is holding your weight, your torso is twisted at the waist to face the judges, and arm closes to judge can be flexed towards the back or above your head to expose torso, and ensure your head is facing the judges and smiling.

Group Comparisons:
Transformation athletes will be directed by the Head Judge to perform Quarter turns for comparisons. You will start facing the judges in the front pose. Head Judge will call “Quarter turn to the right.” and you will turn to the right and present the left side of your physique to the judges. Next Quarter turn you will present your back to the judges. Next Quarter turn you will present your right side to the judges. Last Quarter turn you will present your front pose to the judges again. During comparisons you will be asked to switch places with other athletes on stage by the Head Judge for further side by side comparisons.

Finals Presentation:
Transformations will perform the Box Walk once again in the same manner stated above. Once all athletes have completed their Box Walk, you will be asked to exit the stage and the top 5 will be randomly called back on stage to award the top 5 winners.

You must be at least 16 years of age at the time you enter the contest. Under 18 athletes will require parental consent. Anyone who has EVER competed as a Professional Bodybuilder is not eligible.

Questions? Contact: Michael

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