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2024 Event Schedule

Diva Spring Break 3/10/2024 Houston, Tx
Genesis 4/6/2024 Austin, Tx
Blue Ridge Classic 04/27/2024 North Carolina
Peach State Classic 06/15/2024 Georgia
Diva Houston 7/20/2024 Houston, Tx

Riverwalk Classic 8/3/2024 San Antonio, Tx
Alabama Iron Classic 8/31/2024

Impact 8/31/2024 Austin, Tx
Greenville Natural Classic 9/7/2024 Greenville, SC
Show Me State Classic 9/7/2024 Missouri
Georgia State Bodybuilding Championship 09/14/2024 Lawrenceville, GA
Legacy Classic 9/28/2024 Grand Prairie, Tx
Kings and Queens Nov 2024 Houston, Tx (Tenative)

DFAC World Finals 10/26/2024 Munich, Germany

IMPORTANTANNOUNCEMENT: New Horizons for ON-X Naturals!

We have an exciting update to share with you! As part of our ongoing commitment to growth and evolution, we are delighted to announce that ON-X Naturals will undergo a rebranding from GBO Naturals. With the Global Bodybuilding Organization announcement to revise GBO Naturals, we aim to align our brand identity more closely with our core values and mission. WE ARE ON-X

In light of this rebranding, we have made a strategic decision to forgo hosting the Natural Atlas in 2023 and further separate the brands, events, and membership confusion. This will allow us to concentrate our efforts and resources on two extraordinary events that will take the natural bodybuilding world by storm.

We are thrilled to introduce the  ON-X Naturals United States Championship! This prestigious event will showcase the incredible talent, dedication, and natural potential of bodybuilders from all walks of life. Prepare to witness awe-inspiring performances, breathtaking physiques, and a celebration of the human body in its purest form, Natural. The ON-X Naturals United States Championship promises to be an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

With our DFAC (Drug-Free Athletes Coalition) affiliation we are proud to also announce that ON-X  will host the DFAC Worlds Finals in the United States. This global event brings together the finest natural bodybuilders from around the world, who have proven their exceptional skills and commitment to a drug-free lifestyle. It will be a platform where dreams are realized, champions are crowned, and the camaraderie of the natural bodybuilding community shines brightly. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated event!

We understand that the omission of the Natural Atlas in 2023 may come as a surprise to some. However, we firmly believe that by focusing our resources and energy on these two extraordinary competitions, we will be able to create an even more unforgettable and impactful experience for our athletes and fans.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and understanding during this transition. The rebranding of ON-X Naturals marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we are excited to embark on this new path together.

Please stay tuned for further announcements and updates on the ON-X Naturals United States Championship and the DFAC Worlds Finals. We can't wait to witness the incredible feats of natural bodybuilding prowess that lie ahead.

Thank you for being a part of the ON-X Naturals family! WE ARE ON-X

Best regards,
The ON-X Naturals Team

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