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Pro Memberships


Pro Membership and Renewal:

Pro memberships are reserved for those who win their Pro status at an ON-X Sanctioned event, OR have won their pro status at a recognized Organization/Federation and want to transfer their Pro Status to ON-X Naturals to compete in ON-X Sanctioned events as a Pro.

• It is requested you keep your Pro Membership up-to-date, even when taking a hiatus.

• Athletes who let 2 years lapse without renewing will be able to renew by paying a reinstatement fee of $50 along with the regular membership fee of $150.

• Athletes who let 5 years lapse without renewing will be required to re-qualify.

• Being an ON-X Pro will place you at a higher competitive level to win Prize Money at ON-X Events, bigger sponsorships, and a reputable title. Therefore, ON-X Pros WILL be held at higher standards, and will be expected to comply to those higher standards to maintain Pro Membership.

Pro Membership Contract

Please read in it's entirety before signing at the bottom.

Pro Athlete Highlight Photo

Contract and Payment Received!You will receive a confirmation email soon, a copy of your signed Contract and your Digital Pro Card within 2 Weeks

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