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Pro Memberships

Pro Membership and Renewal:

Pro memberships are reserved for those who win their Pro status at an ON-X Sanctioned event, OR have won their pro status at a recognized Organization/Federation and want to transfer their Pro Status to ON-X Naturals to compete in ON-X Sanctioned events as a Pro.

• It is requested you keep your Pro Membership up-to-date, even when taking a hiatus.

• Athletes who let 2 years lapse without renewing will be able to renew by paying a reinstatement fee of $50 along with the regular membership fee of $150.

• Athletes who let 5 years lapse without renewing will be required to re-qualify.

• Being an ON-X Pro will place you at a higher competitive level to win Prize Money at ON-X Events, bigger sponsorships, and a reputable title. Therefore, ON-X Pros WILL be held at higher standards, and will be expected to comply to those higher standards to maintain Pro Membership.

Benefits of Pro Memberships

Compete in ON-X and DFAC as a Pro to win Prize Money.

Free Entry into any ON-X Naturals Sanctioned events with ACTIVE Membership

Discount Code for ON-X Apparel on


Pro Membership Contract

Please read in it's entirety before signing at the bottom.

Pro Athlete Highlight Photo

Contract and Payment Received!You will receive a confirmation email soon, a copy of your signed Contract and your Digital Pro Card within 2 Weeks

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