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Pros and Amateurs:

A code of conduct is put in place for all athletes to understand. ON-X Naturals Policies and Procedures

1. Zero Tolerance- ON-X Naturals is a Zero Tolerance Federation in our policies and testing. ON-X Naturals member athletes, both amateur and professional, may be subject to drug testing at each ON-X Naturals sanctioned contest in which he/she is to participate. Urine testing will be conducted on all ON-X Naturals pro qualifying and all professional division athletes earning a monetary prize. Amateur and professional athletes may be subject to random drug testing at an event even if they do not meet the pro qualifying or monetary prize criteria stated above. All amateur and professional athletes may also be subjected to out-of-competition random testing to ensure adherence to the drug policy during off-season periods.


ON-X Naturals has implemented strict qualifying standards for testing and retesting procedures regarding drug use and athlete participation based on the following criteria: All ON-X Naturals athlete members must be free of all illegal performance-enhancing drugs for at least 5 years. ON-X Naturals uses WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) as a comprehensive list of all banned substances, their use constitutes grounds for dismissal from all ON-X Naturals competitions and suspension from membership in the organization for up to 5 years.

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2. Athlete Code of Conduct/Suspensions/Disqualification Disciplinary action may be considered by Directors for any violations bringing discredit upon the ON-X Naturals, including, but not limited to: positive test results, social media out burst against athletes/judges/ or other members of the Federation, disruptive friends and family at sanctioned events. In instances of alleged violations, Board of Directors action may be taken against athletes due to conduct unbecoming of and not limited to athletes, their coaches, parents/friends etc.

3. Disqualification Criteria due to unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Such conduct includes any conduct which is unethical or dishonorable, such as disrespectfully addressing an official, fighting, taunting, and criticism of another competitor and/or using profanity. ON-X Naturals disapproves of any form of taunting which is intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances including on the basis of race, religion, gender or national origin. This rule shall apply to all athletes and their team personnel, friends and family.

4. Engagement in unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification from that event and/or further competition within ON-X Naturals. Removal of an athlete's coach or other personnel shall be from further involvement/attendance at an event. In addition, penalties that may be imposed include, but are not limited to: Suspension, expulsion, probation, reprimands, warning, or other penalties appropriate to the situation. Penalties may be imposed for violations of ON-X Naturals Athlete Policies, Ethical Policies, and Competitive Rules of the ON-X Naturals.


Pro Memberships

Pro Membership and Renewal:

• Pro memberships are reserved for those who win their Pro status at an ON-X Sanctioned event, OR have won their pro status at a recognized Organization/Federation and want to transfer their Pro Status to ON-X Naturals to compete in ON-X Sanctioned events as a Pro.

• It is requested you keep your Pro Membership up-to-date, even when taking a hiatus.

• Athletes who let 2 years lapse without renewing will be able to renew by paying a reinstatement fee of $50 along with the regular membership fee of $150.

• Athletes who let 5 years lapse without renewing will be required to re-qualify.

• Being an ON-X Pro will place you at a higher competitive level to win Prize Money at ON-X Events, bigger sponsorships, and a reputable title. Therefore, ON-X Pros WILL be held at higher standards, and will be expected to comply to those higher standards to maintain Pro Membership.

Benefits of Pro Memberships

• Compete in ON-X and DFAC as a Pro to win Prize Money.

• Free Entry into any ON-X Naturals Sanctioned events with ACTIVE Membership

• Discount Code for ON-X Apparel on



All Athletes are required to hold an Active Membership to compete in any ON-X Sanctioned Event. This includes Transformation competitors, Kids Fitness, or any other Non-Sanctioned Divisions. No exceptions.

Athletes are able to compete in the following states with ON-X Sanctioned Events: Texas, Missouri, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi, and we have Sanctioned Divisions in Florida! Future States coming soon:

ON-X Memberships also allow entry into DFAC Sanctioned Events around the World with the BNBF Great Britain, ANB Australia, FCFN Italy, ANBF Austria, Germany, Lebanon, and future DFAC Affiliates World Wide.

Memberships are good for one year from Purchase date. Reminders will be sent out 1 month from expiration. Pros: Your membership allows for free entry (FOR PRO ATHLETE ONLY) to all ON-X Sanctioned Events, BUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP MUST BE ACTIVE.

*Revoking/Denying Memberships:

Any athlete who has acted in an unprofessional manner at any point can have membership revoked or denied by ON-X Naturals. This includes, but not limited to: Positive Drug Screening (depending on severity), unprofessionalism actions towards judges, event staff, or other athletes, severe conviction of a state/federal law, bribery or theft at events, or any other actions that are deemed offenses warranting revoking/denying memberships.

We value all competitors and want to provide a safe, fair, and entertaining production with all ON-X Sanctioned Events.

Welcome to ON-X Naturals!

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