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Men and Woman's Classic Bodybuilding -

Men and Woman's Classic Bodybuilding (open and master classes only for men and women)


Pre-Judging Poses: Competitors will be judged on posing as well as physical appearance, in both, individual and comparison rounds. Both rounds will consist of quarter turns and mandatory poses. Depending on the division a competitor enters into, there are several different posing categories. Below is a breakdown of each division with details regarding proper competition attire, presentation and mandatory posing.


Competition Attire: • Men – European trunks black for morning pre-judging and your choice of color for finals. (Example: Arnold style trunks)


All suits will be checked at weigh-in.


Men's Classic Bodybuilding-

Under 5'5” Weight limit = up to 150lbs

5'51/4” up to 5'6” = Weight up to 160lbs

5'61/4” up to 5'7” = Weight up to 174lbs

5'71/4' up to 5'9” = Weight up to 190lbs

5'91/4' up to 5’11” = Weight up to 214lbs

5’11 1/4” up to 6’1” = up to 248lbs

6’1 1/4” up to 254lbs


Mandatory Poses:

• Front Lat Spread

• Front Double Bicep

• Side Chest

• Rear Lat Spread

• Rear Double Bicep

• Side Tricep

• Abdominal and Thigh

• 3 Classic Poses of your choice

Arnold Twisting Back Bicep Pose

Sergio Olivia Victory Pose

Steve Reeves Archer Pose

Arnold Kneeling Twist Bicep

Larry Scott Side Double Bicep Vacuum Pose

Frank Zane Tricep quad pose


Individual Round: During pre-judging each competitor will be called out to center stage where they will stand feet flat, heals touching, arms to their side and head facing front. The head judge will ask the competitor to perform their quarter turns first. The quarter turns consist of facing front, quarter turn facing right, facing backstage and quarter turn facing left. The head judge will then ask the competitor to complete a series of mandatory poses.

All judges will be looking for a proportional ratio balance for the mandatory height verses weight classes. This includes muscularity, conditioning, symmetry and an overall appearance of a structured body. For women, judges will also judge on poise as well as shape.


Other areas they will be judging on are:

• Mandatory Poses (For Men, this includes at least three of the Classic BB Poses)

• Individual posing round and comparison rounds Comparison Round: Once all competitors have completed their individual rounds, the head judge will call random competitor numbers of their choice to line up on center stage where quarter turn comparisons as well as mandatory posing comparisons will be performed. Upon completion of comparison round the head judge could call on competitors to return to stage in order to ensure proper judging and placement.


Evening Presentation Format: Competitors will be called to stage one by one, where they will stop at center stage, strike a pose and proceed to line up on stage right/left based on the direction of the expeditor until each competitor has presented him/herself. The expeditor will then instruct all competitors to leave stage. Depending on the number of competitors in a class and the decision of the officials, either all competitors or the top 5 in the class will perform a 90 second routine to their chosen music. Please not rule for routines, only one routine will be performed if doing Crossover divisions.


Posing Music: Posing music must be on a CD and must be the only music on that CD. Posing music may not contain any vulgar lyrics. Music will vulgar or racial lyrics and tone will be prohibited.


Note: If you are entered in multiple divisions, you will only pose once.


Note: The Moon Pose is prohibited at any GBO Sanctioned Event.

Props are allowed in the final evening routine however you must have them approved at the weigh in meetings by the Head Judge or the State Director.

Men's Classic Bodybuilding

  • All Sales Final and no Refunds will be issued after Registration.

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